" The last of a dying breed."

Ky-la | 18 | Arkansas

Computer Engineering/Computer Science Major

I'm a lover of music | Vibrant 'ting


sidechick: did u see the pic?

me: what pic?

sidechick: the one of us I put on insta

me: image


*takes a deep breath* iaintneverhadnobodyshowmeallthethingsthatyoudoneshownmeandthespecialwayifeelwhebyouholdmewegonalwaysbetogetherbabythatswhatyoutoldme

Brown girls with thick thighs


you can’t spell thug without hug



If he can’t deal with ur stretchmarks, ur belly fat, ur body hair, or the fact that ur pussy doesn’t smell like flowers then u dealing with a lil baby ass nigga. a nigga that complains about shit like that ain’t use to getting any typa pussy or ain’t never seen a bitch naked. We don’t complain about y’all pot bellies, the fact that ur balls hairy as shit or ur receding hairlines but I’m 💤💤 tho!!!!!



ppl think im shy cause i dont talk much in person but actually im just coolin it scanning the situation, watchin from the cut, making mental moves constantly.

i connect with this post on an emotional level